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Point battles balanced?
Point battles balanced? posté le [28/08/2019] à 07:55

Hi Everyone!

Also got this up on boardgamegeek, so you might have seen my question there.

I'm helping my 2 opponents build their army lists for the upcoming game this weekend. I'm concerned the battle may become lopsided by the choices I make.

One player is playing the suffolk regiment with an extra squad and stag or bren carrier.

The other one is playing the standard orange white platoon with an extra squad, a jeep and a stuart tank.

I've picked the ss panzergrenadiere and equiped them with one extra infantry squad and panzerfausts to pick off that stuart.

Now I'm still deciding wether to pick 21st panzer or the infantry platoon from 1st SS panzer.

21st panzer has the panzer killer platoon or the more standard platoon that comes with 2 mg's.

My worry is that, with the vehicles from the panzergrenadiers and the MG's from 21st panzer, I can shoot the allied units of the table without trouble. Should I worry about these factors or are the points of the units calculated to balance these things out?

Point battles balanced? posté le [28/08/2019] à 10:29

Hi Jan,

I think it's all fairly balanced. But, as you know, MG42 squads are really powerful, just like they were in reality. Handle with care! 😎

Your opponent will have to use so good tactics to flank or suppress those MG42s. That's what the game fun, in my opinion.

The American can use the vehicles as a cover too. Bring grenades and get up close.

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Point battles balanced? posté le [28/08/2019] à 19:05

The one thing a point system cannot really cope with (at least without becoming unplayably complex) is synergies between units. Sometimes the sum of the parts is greater than the value of the individual units.

I always try to include an additional rule in my army building — don't be a jerk. You can pound your opponent into submission with an army of mortar teams, but is that really a contest?

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Point battles balanced? posté le [29/08/2019] à 07:40

Thanks for replying here as well Bart!

Nostra: Excellent point and fully agree! I'll watch out for powerfull synergie's.

Point battles balanced? posté le [29/08/2019] à 08:02

As Nostra says, keep it casual! 😎

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Point battles balanced? posté le [29/08/2019] à 13:06

Certainly! I've got one heavy vehicle going up against me. So I'll keep in mind to not go heavy on the heavy anti tank weapons 😉

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