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45 degree facing
45 degree facing posté le [28/08/2019] à 11:01

Hey again,

Just checking that it is only vehicles that may be positioned facing at 45 degrees. I assume it would be illegal to position an infantry unit with a limited firing arc, like a Mek Gun, with a 45 degree facing?


45 degree facing posté le [28/08/2019] à 12:31

You can perfectly position an infantry unit at any angle, at least in HoN and HoS.

I see that the HoBR rules only talk about this rule for vehicles (p.6), but I'd say you can do this with infantry too.

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45 degree facing posté le [28/08/2019] à 19:07

For some reason, that text about infantry units turning vanished from the HoBR rules. Bart, Moomer and I had to insist it get added back into the HoS rules because it was missing.

It should be in the rules, so definitely use it. 🙂

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45 degree facing posté le [28/08/2019] à 23:41

Thanks guys. So in summary:

Any 1-square unit may change its facing as part of a 0 move. When a unit changes its facing, it is rotated about its centre, to any orientation, in increments of 45 degrees.

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