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The Golden Throne Card
The Golden Throne Card posté le [13/09/2019] à 11:37

Hello again!

The battle event on the 'The Golden Throne' card reads:

Draw 2 Action Cards

The rules state that:

You may never have more cards in hand than your maximum hand size unless a Recruitment Option allows you to.

Does this mean that you can only play the Golden Throne card when you have currently got 3 or fewer cards in hand (assuming a maximum hand size of 4)? I.e. playing it when you have 3 cards will mean you go back up to a hand size of 4 again after taking the 2 cards and discarding 'The Golden Throne'.


The Golden Throne Card posté le [13/09/2019] à 12:29

I guess so. In my fifteen sessions of HoBR, I've never seen that card show up. :mrgreen:

Talk about bad luck.

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The Golden Throne Card posté le [13/09/2019] à 22:18

The rule says you cannot draw more than your hand limit, so if you play it but don't have enough "space" in your hand, then you stop drawing once you have reached your limit.

I would argue (just for the sake of semantic clarity) that you PLAY the card from your hand, at which point it no longer occupies space in your hand. You resolve the card, drawing either 2 cards or up to your hand limit (whichever comes first) and then discard the card from play.

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