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Print and Play Ideas
Print and Play Ideas posté le [16/09/2019] à 15:29

So I of course got in on this game very late in the lifespan. I am eagerly awaiting the HoN 2.0 release. I Have Heroes of Black Reach and most of the extra stuff (Need Vets and Freebooters). I grabbed Shadows over Normandie, Shadow Hunters, and the two CMC expansions. I also started purchasing all the HoN punchboards I can find and have Sainte-Mère-Église (Which needs a ton of errata). My issue is that there is sooooo much stuff that was a KS exclusive or released as just PnP PDF/Jpeg files here on site. I of course would love to have the original punchboards for all this stuff but with stock being split between both France and Indiana, I can't afford to buy a $8 punchboard from France and pay $45 to ship it (See HoN Errata #3). Like the Desert Wrath expansion. 433 copies in France and not a single one in the US. That isn't a $100 expansion but for me to buy it that is what it would cost.

OK So I went off track there. I want to make PnP stuff of the PDF/Jpeg's on the site (CMC3 for starters) but need to know the best way of going about it. Aside from trying to find A4 paper what kind of paper should I buy and what thickness should I buy for cardboard to adhere the paper to? Should I use Sticker paper or spray on adhesives? I have Playing Card finishing spray to lock in the color on the tokens. My point is the quality of the game components is so great that I don't want to mar that experience with crappy PnP addons. I want my tokens to be as close as possible to the originals (I have a bunch of the original punched tokens and errata lying around to use also)

What have you done? How did you do it? Show me your PnP stuff.




Print and Play Ideas posté le [16/09/2019] à 19:38

I'd love to see everything offered with a Print N Play option. International shipping costs are just outrageous these days.

Print and Play Ideas posté le [16/09/2019] à 19:48

I just want to PnP what actually is available. That is what I started this thread about. How does one put out a quality PnP of the files. Just looking for suggestions on the best methods. I mean what paper and printer and what cardboard or cardstock. I would rather buy everything from the US store but what I can't (fan made stuff and KS exclusives) I need to PnP.


Print and Play Ideas posté le [17/09/2019] à 06:12

When I did some PnP errata work, I just printed them onto white 20lb paper, cut them out and spray-glued them onto the erroneous units. But when I got access to the errata boards, those got replaced with real tokens.

I have picked up a set of chipboard to use for some personal projects, you could give that stuff a try:

(I have no affiliation to the chipboard maker, but I did pick up a pack of their product).

You could get a pack of A4 sheet labels and print out the errata onto them and then stick the labels on the chipboard and then cut them out. Be very careful, use a fresh blade and chance the blade in the hobby knife often as it becomes dull.

If you want to invest in some tools, there are various corner rounders you can pick up from Amazon that will round the corners for you, but make sure you get heavy-duty ones, not craft/scrapbooking tools. Those won't be able to do the job.

There are some decent videos on Youtube discussing these sort of crafts projects, so check there. James Earnest did one on making folding boards that likely has some useful tips in it.

There were some old threads about PnP in the forums, although I do not recall where exactly at the moment. Try HoWW2 > General and see it that yields results. It was back around 2014 or 2015 when there was a lot of really great fan-made units being created in the forums.

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Print and Play Ideas posté le [17/09/2019] à 14:25

Excellent info. Is that chipboard the correct thickness for the tokens? I know what you mean about corner rounders. I have a set of clippers for my wargames for clipping the corners, and those things were expensive and are super heavy duty.

Now I need to import the PDF into AutoCAD and find the correct radius for the corners. There is so much player created content and errata and KS exclusive content for this game. I am a game collector (Over 1000 board / war games) and a Minis gamer with several armies for almost all the gaming systems out there and now I want to get into this hobby of PnP content for the game.

I would still rather just buy the errata and other manufactured punchboards but for the fan made content I would love for them to look like they belong. That was why I asked the questions.


Print and Play Ideas posté le [17/09/2019] à 15:05

Looks like a 4mm radius corner cutter should work. It is a .1575" radius.

For the small tokens it looks like 5mm radius.

Problem is HD 5mm is easy to get here in the US. I am having a hell of a time searching out a HD 4mm cutter for a reasonable price.

So only need to know the thickness of that chipboard works and I can get to work.


Print and Play Ideas posté le [18/09/2019] à 07:49

The latest token set is ~2.5mm thick (0.10 inches).

The chipboard I linked is ~1.5mm thick. With sticker paper on both sides, it goes to ~2mm thick so just a bit thinner than DPG standard. It would be bad for terrain boards, but not too bad for anything else.

There might well be slightly thicker chipboard available as well, I had ordered that pack to make player shields for my PnP Dune game last year, so digging up the link from my order history on Amazon was simple.

They are not the best calipers. I measured several times and took the mean value.

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