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Well, I hope it's good!
Well, I hope it's good! posté le [17/05/2014] à 18:02

I have not had the pleasure of receiving my KS yet but, in the interest of believing this game is the next big slice of cheese in the gaming world, I bought into the Gazette and got the Rangers punchboard that was not included in the KS so I could get those two heroes. I think I might cry if I don't enjoy this game haha 😯

Well, I hope it's good! posté le [18/05/2014] à 12:16

There are quite a few of us who believe that it is 😎

Well, I hope it's good! posté le [18/05/2014] à 16:46

That's what I like to hear! I know there has been quite a bit of up and down controversy on places like BGG but, I keep finding excuses to throw more at this system in the hopes that it will really take off and roll over the void thats missing in between miniature wargames and board games. Plus, I want to be one of those cool guys that looks back in my filing cabinet of war game stuff and says "Yea, I was here at the beginning!" 😀

Well, I hope it's good! posté le [18/05/2014] à 17:05

As you say jay it bridges between miniature wargames and boardgames very well and is attractive enough and simple enough to be played by anyone.

Also has enough subtlety of play for some real long term gaming

Add to this the deck building element, points costs for creating your own army and the option for organised competitive play and you really are onto a winner

Most of the discussions here and on BGG are about minor issues with scenarios, cards or the bigger issues everyone had with delivery. No one is complaining it isn't fun 😆

Welcome to the bloody normandie party 😉

Well, I hope it's good! posté le [18/05/2014] à 17:41

Indeed, I feel like a strong marketing plan would be to use the skeletal system to encourage skirmish style tournament play and, if it takes off like we are hoping, integrate a fantasy and a Sci-fi theme into the rotation. I, for example, just cannot justify buying all the miniatures, building, painting, and storing them when I can get an entire army in this format for a fraction of the cost and storage space.

Well, I hope it's good! posté le [18/05/2014] à 22:15

Seriously, who gives a crap about what anybody says on BGG? It's full of whiny self entitled opinion makers, the most vocal of whom haven't even played the games they are ragging on 🙄

I wouldn't ever encourage someone to buy heavily into an untried game system, but I would reassure you that HoN is honest in what it delivers. It's full of fast paced, highly confrontational, hollywood style combat, where freewheeling with risky and daring tactics can often pay off well. It doesn't always make logical sense, and will no doubt infuriate crusty grognards everywhere as a result, but it is a lot of fun and you can easily play out two or three missions over just a couple of hours. If that's what you were hoping for then I am sure you will believe you made the right choice!

I believe that this system will continue to run for some time to come. All of the current tension is down to the delays in North American distribution, as soon as people start receiving their copies then the buzz will really pick up.

It's easy to forget that DPG have launched with a full product catalogue, and when the second wave drops toward the end of the year there will be two base games, eight major expansions including the army boxes, several individual punchboards, and a stack of limited edition promotional items. That's more kit than some brands crank out over a period of several years and is an impressive feat!

There is undoubtedly more to come but I think that the next big launch in the Heroes line will be Stalingrad before they start looking at different timelines. When they do open a new product channel I would expect Dust to be the first stop rather than reviving Frontiers 😉 I also wouldn't be surprised if the upcoming scenario packs were rebranded as "Heroes of Carentan" etc. rather than "Heros of Normandie: Carentan" as a way to strengthen the "Heroes of" brand they have developed.

Well, I hope it's good! posté le [19/05/2014] à 17:21

I couldn't agree with you more mezike. HoN is a fantastic game which has all the aspects of being one of the best for some time. Whats not to like about HoN, it has everything from the WW2 setting being played out in a comic / Hollywood film atmosphere. I do hope that Devil pig produce a comic strip magazine for this as it would be fantastic.

I played HoN with non wargamers and they all have enjoyed it so much that they are looking to pre-order the boxed game. For myself I can't wait for the expansion sets due out later this year and next.

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