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compatibility with Hon
compatibility with Hon posté le [31/01/2020] à 07:14

the Russian army at heroes of Stalingrad can play against the US army or the German army or with the English army from the heroes of Normandie?

compatibility with Hon posté le [31/01/2020] à 09:09

Yes you Can. Juste, in Hos you have thé 42 russian army. So from thé HoN german army you shouldn't use things like panthère, panzershreck, puma ans sdkfz 234 family.

Playing the russian amont thé HoN british army IS not very historicaly correct. But you Can for fun.

Jamais un type n’a gagné une guerre en mourant pour sa patrie. On gagne en s’arrangeant pour que ce soit le type d’en face qui meure pour sa patrie. George Smith Patton

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