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Panzerschrek Unit cost inconsistent
Panzerschrek Unit cost inconsistent posté le [04/06/2014] à 12:38

Looking at the infantry recruitment cost for the groups and the recruitment tiles I was working back to the recruitment point cost of each individual unit ( I had some time off this week 😀 ).

I have got to the following costs


Officer. = 20

Fire Group = 20

Recon Group = 10

MG-42. = 15

Pnazerschrek = 20 / 25


Officer =20

Fire team = 20

Recon Group = 10

.30 Cal =10

Bazooka =15

These costs work for all the current tiles and options.

The problem is with the Panzerschrek unit cost which would be 20 in the Panzserchrek Group of the PZGR-LEHR-RGT.901 but 25 in the PZGR-LEHR-RGT.902. Having a const of 20 would seem more consistent with the other unit costs and would make the total recruitment cost of the Panzerschrek Group option in the 902 = 55 points not its current 60.

Does this need a fix?

Awesome game despite any niggles. Clem and Yann are doing a great job of resolving issues anyways

HoN is my new obscession 😈

Panzerschrek Unit cost inconsistent posté le [20/06/2014] à 11:54

The army point values are rounded from 5 to 5 ^^ The real value of each unit is different from those you find.

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