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GAZETTES / drop pods expansions / Stalingrad Exp Pack REPRINTED... WHEN OR WHY NOT? posté le [12/09/2020] à 07:00



I am returned back here ("From hell; YEAH !!!"; As a member of the Metallica band should shout aloud !!! lol lol lol ) to ask you when or why not the Gazettes will be or will be not reprinted.

I mean… I'd like to buy the number 0 and the number 8 which at the moment are the only two that I do not own…

And I 'd like to add to my collection.

I mean… Why you don't reprint the Out of Stock products you have ?

The newer customers and collectors are not allowed to have all the stuff for this kind of policy… And I don't understand why…

I do not bear this way of behaviour, along with the fact that certain products are sold or given only to kickstarter backers…

I mean… It obliges people to buy using that channel. But many dislike it or cannot use it at all, as in my case it is…

And they prefer to have all the stuff available here on your site and "add to the chart" with a simple click of the mouse. Which is the method I prefer to buy your products or other stuff on other sites.

I'd like to have the chance to buy older products of the lines which I cannot buy now just because I discovered late the Heroes System products ranges and such… Or just because they are labelled as "kickstarter only and / or Out of Stock" for ages…

It is an anti-democratic conduct from my point of view.

Your customers should have the chance to buy all the products of your lines and also have the chance to buy the same things that other gamers and collectors can buy and add to their collections…

It deters the views about your company or your products the final customer will create in their minds or such…

And this is a constructive critic… Nothing personal. Just a point of view of mine… As it is of many other customers you have; if you ask them too if they agree or not with the idea I just proposed.

GAZETTES REPRINTED... WHEN OR WHY NOT? posté le [12/09/2020] à 09:06

DPG does not have infinite resources, does not have infinite time, and does not have infinite staff. DPG is one person. Who will get done what he can get done at the pace he can get it done.

As has been mentioned already in multiple places (in threads you have already read because you replied in all of them) there are a few products that should hopefully be shipping at some point soon, which were ordered last year, IIRC. There may be a small number of extra copies, if that happens then some will be available for retail sales from the website.

The next project on the table is a new HoN core set. That is DPG's next announced focus. Not Stalingrad, not HoBR, etc.

Constantly beating the same drum over and over because you want various other products NOW will not get them done. Unfortunately, games are not magically generated so they cannot just appear because someone demands it. In fact games have to be printed in pretty large batches, so until there is enough demand to ensure the bulk will sell, I doubt DPG can crank out 500 or a thousand copies to give you the single copy you want and then just sit on all the remaining stock. That all costs a LOT of money that DPG does not currently possess.

If you really MUST have some item now, you can try and find it in the after-market. Otherwise you will have to wait along with the rest of us.

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