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Storage box stickers
Storage box stickers posté le [27/02/2021] à 07:52

Hi there,

New player here.

I just made a big order from the Devil Pig shop, including many storage boxes for my HON copy, expansions and extra.

Since the german army storage boxes are out of stock, I bought many german army boxes from the Heroes of Stalingrad set, since they seems almost the same color.

Was wondering if someone had some spare stickers for sale. I would need for german, us and uk units.

I know there are custom made ones on boradgamegeek, but I want to try to find the original ones, if possible.

Many thanks in advance!

Storage box stickers posté le [27/02/2021] à 21:02

Where are you located?

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

Storage box stickers posté le [27/02/2021] à 22:26

I'm located in Italy.

I replied to your PM.


Storage box stickers posté le [19/03/2021] à 23:49


I would be interested about this as well.

Also just having a printable version would be nice, one can then just cut and glue them to boxes.

I'm looking for the German stickers in particular.

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