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play by zoom/meet in mirror boards
play by zoom/meet in mirror boards posté le [08/03/2021] à 02:28

Hi everyone! I´m looking for people who wants to play HoN in mirror boards (like chest by mail in the old times). I mean, every one with his own board at home, interacting via zoom/meet. The only thing we´ll need is a grid alphanumeric to indicate the movements (like chess. for example A4 move to C3, or Fire Team in D5 fires a panzerfaust to the sherman tank in H6, and things like that). Each board tile has 7 spaces, so we could use the proper denomination of the boards (C3A,etc) an lie the grid from A to G and 1 to 7 for each board.

Please let me know if there are someone interested.

thanks for your time.


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