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Kudos posté le [09/06/2014] à 19:24

Well I have played through 4 games. I had to make my own scenarios as my scenario book is in French (already handled 🙂 ). I am really digging this game. It is lots of fun. The games have been fast paced, intense, and very tactical. A couple comments;

1. Army Boxes – I was actually surprised to see that nearly everything I had received actually fit in the boxes! And While I love them, I don't think they are great for travel. They are too bulky to carry along with the tiles and such as I do most of my gaming at other peoples homes or an FLGS. And I still had to find extra storage container for the bits that are independent of the armies. So,I have had to find different storage container for it all.

2. Recruitment tiles – Why couldn't you have made all these the same size? Or at least 2 different sizes? It's my OCD kicking in when I stack them up and see that they are not the same size. They all have either 3 or 4 option slots and could be the same size. Where there were no slots (or different sized slots)there could be artwork instead

3. Besides some word wonkiness and translation mishaps on the tiles and such it's a great product and great game… Kudos to you guys! Can't wait for my scenario book to come in the mail, Wave 2, the scenario packs due later this year, and future products by DPG (ahem…Stalingrad!?!).

Kudos posté le [09/06/2014] à 21:14

Thank you !

2) They haven't the same size because there is not the same number of slot, nor the same size.

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