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Balance issues? 1 best build
Balance issues? 1 bedst build posté le [16/07/2014] à 17:30

Quote from mikedalziel on [14/07/2014] à 16:02

Hi guys,

My experience of this fantastic game leads me to say that if you want a game where you want to crunch numbers and spend time creating perfect builds, find another game. I see this game, as i expect the designers envisaged , as a story driven war-game. I imagine a plot, choose the forces i want to see in the story, design a map that fits the plot and let the cameras roll. I don't care who wins, it looks and feels fantastic.

I am not bothered about the odds on shooting a sherman, I've got a panzerfaust and it better be a good shot!

I maintain this is not a good game for competitive play, it will take a lot of joy out of the game.

I do however appreciate i may be completely wrong but I'm having a great time.

mike dalziel 😆

excellently said…and completely agreed.

Balance issues? 1 bedst build posté le [16/07/2014] à 19:00

I'm not sure I'd say it wasn't suitable for competitive play, certainly it's on a par with say Warhammer in that regard.

Went armour heavy in my game this weekend while my opponent went infantry heavy. We ended up in a draw (game went the distance) at 34 points each. Points value was 600.

Some observations:

1. Order tokens are in short supply. I went with Planning and Battleplan on my field command tile to get the extra 2 orders, but despite this I still had one less than my opponent. Unfortunately managed to lose the command Panzer fairly early on, which almost crippled me for a turn (this after I'd gained +1 order thanks to an advanced tactic chit).

2. It's definitely an 'all your eggs in one basket' approach. Maxed out on the tanks I could take, and the Panzer squadron tile fully maxed out (only non-vehicle option was APC shells) amounted to just North of 50% of my total point spend. This did net five vehicles, but it still made me nervous. As it was I lost both the Stugs (13 points to my opponent) and only narrowly avoided getting the tile flipped thanks to one Panzer surviving the battle. If that had went I doubt I'd have managed to recover.

On the plus side, the forces my opponent was committing to destroying the tanks was somewhat disproportionate to what was needed. There's certainly an interesting psychological effect – he effectively wasted a few orders each turn because the tank he wanted to shoot had been destroyed earlier in the turn.

3. My rolling sucked for the first half of the game. It averaged out by the end, but this bites quite deep when you're not spreading out the fire. I'm somewhat undecided whether the efficiency of the tanks (2 shots per token) makes up for the flexibility of infantry (four individual units means you're much more likely to have something useful to shoot at).

Conversely I like the versatility. The tanks can take on just about any target and destroy buildings if necessary. It was just as common to have four or five targets I wanted to engage as it was to having too few viable targets.

4. The card decks can be lethal to tanks. It's somewhat unpredictable in that regard, there seems to be a lot of cards which affect heavy vehicles one way or the other (or perhaps it's just that with more infantry the effects of a single card play are not so pronounced?)

5. Losing tanks hurts. The points given for breaking them make these incredibly lucrative targets for your opponent to pursue, and they're pretty vulnerable. All it takes is one lucky roll from your opponent and the tank is reduced to burning wreckage. At least with infantry, if a tile is on the verge of breaking you can run away and hide 😉

Balance issues? 1 best build posté le [03/10/2017] à 14:04

Interesting topic. With only the core box I have very limited amount of anti-tank available. The Germans seem to have the upper hand as the Panzershreks can be fired by any unit where the Bazookas have target painted on their forehead from the beginning of the game.

How do you feel about the anti-tank options of the core set?

Balance issues? 1 best build posté le [04/10/2017] à 23:54

There is one factor that has been left out of the conversation so far: terrain. If your scenario features a lot of open ground and very little terrain, tanks are going to have a much easier time of it. However, given lots of cover and short LoFs, the infantry will be much better off.

Balance issues? 1 best build posté le [16/06/2018] à 19:28

Quote from Mezike on [29/06/2014] à 00:52

Nope. For example, the Weapons platoon costs 55 points and you get four units (Bazooka, Officer, Mortar, and a .30cal), and the officer also gives me an order token. A tank on it's own does not get an order token, and for the 10 points difference I get to buy some rocket grenades, or a little extra gets me an ammo bearer to give my bazooka an extra life. Or I can spend 30 points on TWO additional bazookas, which prices them at 15 points each and not quite the 65pts you claim above 😉

I’m wondering where you get those rocket grenades, two extra bazookas for 30, and an ammo bearer…? I don’t recall these options being being easily available. A bazooka usually costs you a platoon to access, I know not of rocket grenades, and an ammo bearer that can sacrifice itself for the bazooka? Where for art thou, units?

Also, you can not compare the usefulness of panzerfausts here. They have better armour penetration, and are readily available to ANY unit in the force, as opposed to the (generally) one shot attempt by a bazooka unit. The sighted scenario really only highlights the disparagement between the low armour allied tanks and the flexibility (and reliability) of the panzerfaust. Try, for example, reversing the forces in that scenario, with a German convoy penetrating American resistance. Take away the free panzerfaust each turn, and instead add 1 bazooka with each wave of resistance… A lot more tense a scenario.

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