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Purple Heart
Purple Heart posté le [08/09/2014] à 16:08

Hi Everybody

We have a bit of a news for you and unfortunately it is not a good news.

We wanted to keep it secret until we had more detail available in order to avoid as much unnecessary worries as possible.

On Sunday, the 24th of August, on his way back from Holidays, Clément and his family had a car accident, thankfully his child and wife were unscathed but Clément had been badly hit to the spine. Not only did it move by half an inch but also was it fractured (about the T12), thus putting pressure on his spine.

For some time it remained uncertain whether he would end up in a wheelchair or not.

Luckily the surgery proved to be successful and his mobility should not be reduced nor affected.

Still it will take him some time before being able to walk again.

Toward the end of this week, Clément will start his rehabilitation exercises and won't be back in office before mid October at least.

He will focus into trying to make it to Essen, being a goal driven person he may as well succeed (fingers crossed).

For those of you who know about Clément, you can imagine how much he wants to be back to work.

Whenever time will allow, he will pop up on the Forum to say hi and answer a few matters.

You can leave him a message here

The entire Piggy team wishes him a prompt recovery

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Purple Heart posté le [08/09/2014] à 16:45

gute Besserung – ich drück die Daumen für eine erfolgreiche Reha 😎

Purple Heart posté le [10/09/2014] à 09:32

Alles Gute, Clem!

Purple Heart posté le [11/09/2014] à 10:43

Danke !

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