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UK plans???
UK plans??? posté le [23/03/2015] à 21:22

Do you have any plans to attend a UK show?? No salute?? Seriously!!! One of the largest gaming shows in Europe and you are not there?

You have a fan base in the UK, would be nice to think you'll make an appearance and build on the popularity.

Aftermath Gaming Club and Diceni

UK plans??? posté le [08/05/2017] à 21:58

I could not find anything in the Events page but according to the UK Games Expo site Devil Pig Games are attending the event in Birmingham at the beginning of June 2017.

Is this correct?

Ian S

UK plans??? posté le [16/05/2017] à 08:10

We will be at UK game expos 😉

It is very difficult to have a booth at Salute, and it is very expensive this moving to England. Happily, the Aftermath gaming club, our official DPG club in England will help us!

Concerning the event page, I begin aneww to have time to fill it. Today, I will finish to fill it for this year I think.

The only moving in foreign countries we do is for Essen, the largest gaming show in Europe. Moving in other countries is very very expensive and we don't earn enough money in order to be able to move to foreign gaming shows. The UK game expo is a first try, we will make a meeting after in order to mind if it is interesting for us or not.

This year, we mind about Essen if we go or not for example, because it is a madness when you are a little publisher as us (not like Repos production for example)

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UK plans??? posté le [17/05/2017] à 12:52

Great news that you are coming to the UK. I hope to say hello to you at the show.

I do understand how it is a financial risk for a company in France to make such a trip to the UK, but I do hope that your first try of coming to the the UK Games Expo is a success.

Some of the more recent Heroes of Normandie stuff is not usually easily available in the UK (the Battleground 2 and 3 sets and the Gazettes for example). So it is possible if you bring plenty of stock you may get some good sales!

Good luck.


UK plans??? posté le [17/05/2017] à 13:04

Also hoping to see you guys in the UK. Saving for the encounter.

It just goes through my mind to ask if you are having a tabletop display with a good sized game on it that shows the products available? You have probably the best game of its genre that I've seen in 40 years of gaming here and it will happily replace many figure games. I think that you need to show this off to people who have no experience of HoN/SoN. Maybe you can call on some of your fans over here to man the display table for you? Not volunteering by the way, I'm just mindful of the shows that I have been to and see boxes of stuff on tables, but no suggestion of what it looks like when it is in use or how easy it is to play, both features where HoN scores very highly.

UK plans??? posté le [17/05/2017] à 14:37

We will have a part of the official UK DPG fan club from the Aftermath gaming club who come to help us already 😉 Thanks for your proposition 😉

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UK plans??? posté le [17/05/2017] à 17:17

The Devil Pig demo team will also be attending the Partizan Wargames Show (Newark UK) on Sunday the 21st of May.

We dont carry any stock or sell the game , but i have contacted Warlord Games who will also be attending the Show

and they are bring copies of the core game for retail


A Fine City!

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