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[Fan] New Solo Flowchart Rules for HoN
[Fan Made] New Solo Flowchart Rules for HoN posté le [29/02/2016] à 14:44

Or maybe have them only spend a re-roll token on a roll of 4, 5 or 6 like with Action Cards unless it's a priority target? But this could slow gameplay. Let me know how it plays out 🙂

[Fan] New Solo Flowchart Rules for HoN posté le [29/05/2017] à 23:09

For anyone following this Solo rules thread they're currently on v1.2 over on BGG.


[Fan] New Solo Flowchart Rules for HoN posté le [19/01/2018] à 11:56

Thanks for your work. I'll try these some day soon! I like that they work for 'all' scenario's.

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

[Fan] New Solo Flowchart Rules for HoN posté le [19/01/2018] à 12:36


Version 2.0 of my solo rules entitled "Solus" are nearly ready. They can (technically) be used for any scenario using the core HoN box components. I'm then going to add different rules for expansions, probably startoing with Shadows Over NOrmandie or Black Reach.

You can see a few of the ways in which the solo AI Faction works over on BoardGameGeek on the link below:

AI Faction Deployment

AI Faction Action Card Play

AI Faction Action Activation

AI Faction Action ‘Control’ flowchart.


[Fan] New Solo Flowchart Rules for HoN posté le [07/02/2018] à 17:44

This looks very promising.

Thanks for sharing the information!

[Fan] New Solo Flowchart Rules for HoN posté le [12/04/2019] à 14:56

Heya Folks!

For anyone following along I've gone ahead and published the Initial Release of HoN:Solus, the updated version of my solitaire Heroes of Normandie rules – note this initial release focuses on the HoN Core box no SoN or HoBR (they will come soon). They're not as finished as I'd like but many people have been asking for them since HoBR has been released. I've submitted the file for BGG but in the interim here's a dropbox link to the PDF.

Please do read them, play them and most importantly give feedback! These rules can only grow with help from the games' fans.

What these rules are…

HoN: Solus allows you to play Devil Pig Games’ beautiful comic-esque art wargame, Heroes of Normandie, solitaire. They are, at their core, the evolved version of my earlier HoN solo rules, Alone Against the Tiles. As they stand at Beta v2.0* they can be used for any scenario that uses just the components of the HoN Core Box as well as HoN Core Box player generated clashes**.

*Actually, they are the first ruleset to carry the planned series name ‘Solus’ but in reality, are the next step on from Alone Against the Tiles v1.3 hence the jump to 2.0

** Almost. There are a couple of abilities that do not yet have rules in Solus (namely; Horn of Plenty, Position and Tricky.

What these rules are not…

Perfect. There will be situations where these rules don’t work, odd situations will occur, and things will go awry. If this happens make a note, house rule something and move on! My main goal is for you to have fun!

Simple. The very nature of trying to create a flowchart driven system to control scores of units with different abilities in scenarios with different goals is not an easy task. This full release of the Solus rules is not designed specifically with new players in mind. It can of course be used by those new to HoN but a good understanding of the HoN core rules is recommended. I have been working on an introductory version of Solus that walks you through a simple mission, step by step, in the style of a paragraph driven adventure gamebook. If there is enough demand (and then as time permits) I will work on that alongside developing Solus further.

[Fan] New Solo Flowchart Rules for HoN posté le [15/04/2019] à 20:15

I love to try it to. I let you now what i think of it when i try it. But its a great job what you have don

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