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[A!C] Updated rules available
Updated Achtung! Cthulhu rules available posté le [05/11/2015] à 19:20

The A!C rules have been updated according to a recent news post. This new version covers only the abilities recruitment options not covered by the SoN core rules, so it eliminated conflicts and brings the A!C materials closer inline with SoN. It also includes errata for Ernest Hamilton as well as the missing Supporator bits. However, it does not include the scenarios, which is why the original PDF is ALSO included in the zip file.

You can find them here.

They even have a Printer Friendly version included in the zip file for those interested in saving ink by not printing backgrounds. I appreciate the effort to include PF versions of all their rules for those who would prefer to save the ink. Kudos 🙂

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