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[AAR] St.Mere Eglise - Scenario 1 - Patfinders
St.Mere Eglise - Scenario 1 - Patfinders AAR and impressions posté le [16/09/2016] à 08:00

Last night my gaming Buddy and me started the airborne landings on the countryside of St.Mere Eglise.

Looked like a fun Scenario, even though you could not see shit in the dark of night. Which made stumbling through the Woods for recon teams with their ambush side up interesting.

Well, the Airborne engenieers were designated torchbearers by my Buddy and each dispatch to one of the landing zones. The signalers were the other Units qualified to Switch on a light, but deemed to fragil to go in harms way and were needed on top to work the Radio to send the all clear messeage hom to win the Scenario.

My german Panzergrenadiers split of one MG Team and one fire Team each to one of the presumed landing sites, the NE Corner getting some help from the Puma and the rest headed into the Woods in the middle.

What we found out is, that it is very hard for the Germans to prevent the placment and ilumination of the landing sites. Even with some liberal use of movement enhancing and hindering cards on both sides, I can't see a way to kill a two step unit in time to prevent it to switching on the lights in the secondary objective Phase.

One possible way would have been to park the Puma directly over the objective square, but we both found that a bit cheesy. Nothing in the rules to prevent that, but not in what we think the Spirit of the game.

Anyway, after failing to secure the landingzones from the evil light of the Allys, the German high command decided to just build a defensive Perimeter around the main objective square. To their dismay, they found out, that the drop troops seemed to had some serious CQB training before departing on their illuminating Mission. These small teams pack some serious punch on assaults.

But allas, despite valiant efforts and dishing out pineapples and other explosive goodies, the Germans weren't moved enough and the two MG Teams directly behind the main objective proved fatal, so the all clear message never got send in time, although two of the three landing sites were brightly lit.

All in all we had fun with this Scenario.

The only critic I would have, although I do not have a better idea how to solve this, is that the Germans know exactly, were the allies must go to.

While the secondary objectiv fields are placed far enough, that each side will have to work to secure them in some way, nothing can be done to prevent the Germans from heading for the Primary and defend that one square with all they have hopefully eliminating the Signal Units in the process.

Please Keep in mind, that we don't play HON for Long and this is a first Impression only. I will try the Allied side next, if I can schedule another session and try a few things, but the Basic Problem remains.

Anyone else had this experience with that Scenario?

And what do you think of the Puma as a mobile area denial weapon?



St.Mere Eglise - Scenario 1 - Patfinders AAR and impressions posté le [18/09/2016] à 10:24

We've just finished playing all of the St Mere Eglise scenarios and I must admit that I enjoyed all of them. In the first one we managed a German victory.

For para drops we allowed any unit that would be destroyed because of landing in the wrong place to try again next turn. This gave more of a feeling that troops were drifting down throughout the action. It also helped to prevent a lost allied game due purely to poor dice rolls.

Nice AAR, keep them up and enjoy the game.

Rick Brown

[AAR] St.Mere Eglise - Scenario 1 - Patfinders posté le [23/10/2018] à 16:44

Thanks for the post and AAR!

I've just played this scenario against my wife. We had a tense game. It felt like it could have gone either way. If I just didn't roll so many 1's that is… 😉

To sum up in a few words:

I chose to let the central light go to the allies and focused on the two other lights. The lower one (seen from german standpoint) was guarded with a puma and a rifleteam.

The other one had most of my force. With an MG and rifle team watching the primary objective.

As stated earlier I rolled a lot of 1's this game. Most of my roll's where 1's strange enough… But even with those, it was a fun scenario!

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