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The Pigs speak of the Pigs (Future of HoN)
The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [21/11/2016] à 18:11

Hello everybody,

We decide to inaugurate a new type of communication between you and us. We give you the possibility to ask us directly, to do that, you have to write your question, whatever the subject!

We will make a video in which we will answer some of them. We will be the more transparent possible!

You can ask us about our games, the production, the lates, the Gazette, the illustrations, the color of our underwears, everything 😀

Write your question below and when we will have enough questions, we will make the video in french and english.

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The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [21/11/2016] à 21:54

Wow Awesome!

Question: Concerning the direction of Heroes of Normandie WW2 game; specifically as it relates to significantly large theaters of war currently unexplored such as say perhaps Heroes of Stalingrad product… What form would DPG ideally like to explore it in? IE Standalone box compatible with Heroes of Normandie or a series of small box expansions like Pegasus Bridge?

As a follow up, how far away (years/months?) do you think it will be before DPG goes in this direction for the first alternate WW2 theater? Are theaters outside WW2 more pressing? Last follow up. Would you be interested in posting a poll for folks to provide feedback on what projects the existing customer base is most fired up to see? I would gladly post one myself but I would imagine you would rather frame such a poll in your own way with hand selected projects DPG. The Farcry franchise did this and it appeared to work out well for them.

Thank you for opening up this most awesome form of communication.

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [22/11/2016] à 02:42

I want to second the question for when can we expect Russians for HoN. This seems like a natural expansion and most the framework is in place. Could you please expand on your thoughts in this area.

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [22/11/2016] à 08:11

Could you make a roadmap of what you are planning to do for future content for the various games (particularly HoN since it's my favorite xD)?

There is rumors of Heroes of Stalingrad being made. Could you confirm this? If so, will it work flawlessly with base HoN?

What sort of customization and freedom will there be in the HoN card game? Can we make our own decks out of all the cards and will there be randomized scenario generator like we have in HoN?

Do you guys know you are awesome? <3

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [22/11/2016] à 11:26

Are you planning a CW starter pack to balance fact weren't in starter. Suffer from no standard basic infantry/recon choices, support guns etc.

Don’t walk in front of me….I may not follow. Don’t walk behind….I may not lead. Walk beside…..and be a friend.

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [22/11/2016] à 22:44

Will we be able to order the Strategic Resupply storage set from the store at some point? If so, when? =)

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [23/11/2016] à 02:19

I would like to know more information on the medieval product line. Do you have any indication as to when more information will be available?

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [23/11/2016] à 18:00

I don't know if this is representative for the majority of players but there seems to be quite an outcry, at least on the forum, for an Eastern front

expansion. Maybe there is enough there for its proper core box even?

Would you consider giving priority to something totally different using the heroes system, risking some players may get tired of waiting/lose interest in the E front option.

The African theatre seems quite interesting as well for HoN and you've already started in that direction for SoN. What is your opinion on this?

Could a proper poll on your site be useful to really find out what should be created, what should get priority and what wouldn't be worth the effort?

This in regard to the established base of the HoN and SoN games universe.

Of course, most of these questions are answered by the result of a Kickstarter project but then a load of effort was put into a project already since you need something virtually finished to present there. Pity if it were to fail.

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [24/11/2016] à 17:51

I echo the call for a Russian Front.

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [25/11/2016] à 05:10

Heroes and Shadows are basically two-player games.

When playing in a club, two-player games rarely make it to the table because there's usually more than two players present.

Any chance a set of splendid multiplayer scenarios might be developed?

Single missions or campaign. DPG official or the result of fanbase effort?

The scenario contest of winter 2015 delivered some fine results.

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [26/11/2016] à 11:54

Any chanche to see italian units in HoN??? Heroes of Afrika???

We have yet 2 armies for the Allies (and don't forget the FFI!) but only the German on the Axis side…

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [30/11/2016] à 12:25

We try to make an english video by our own, but the result is not very good. We will ask to a fluent english speaker to come to make the video, but for that, we need more questions 😉

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The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [30/11/2016] à 17:56

Is this enough questions? What is your favorite Color? What is your favorite Food? What is your Favorite time of Year?……And WHEN ARE WE GETTING RUSSIANS? 😀

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [30/11/2016] à 18:24

How many World War II themed movies/series did you see?

Mostly main stream well known movies/series or did you go and check lesser known productions.

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [30/11/2016] à 19:21

So apparently there is a french response video.

My french is not great. So I am in the process of bribing a friendly french friend down the road from where I work with a sandwich so he might watch the video and give me the highlights of what DPG's responses are. He also plays Heroes of Normadie with me and is very friendly awesome person.

Its not perfect but I will attempt to pass on the highlights in English here in an hour or two once we are done eating sandwiches and watching.

Heroes of Stalingrad! I believe in you and hope to decipher your french goodness!

Sandwiches Unite!

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [30/11/2016] à 21:20

Understand this was all gleaned information from an Albertan Anglophone and a Quebec Francophone in a period of 30mins of note taking and sandwich eating while watching this Parisian video. It would appear as though Yann and Clem dropped the numbering of the questions after a while so I am just going to summarize basic points as we understood them. Again I am in no way affiliated with DPG’s. This is likely only marginally accurate.

• Date of Hon HoS May April?

• Question about the illustrator. They show this guy Alex.

• Question about developer kits for the system. Yes… in Time.

• Someone wanted to know the color of their underwear. The team showed off their underwear?

• Where can the system go? They broke it down further trying to separate what they would like to do and what is realistic. They would like to do a Civilization almost component where there is a system for each major time period. Is it realistic… unknown.

• Heroes of Stalingrad mentioned and source of inspiration novel pictured. I had trouble understanding further. Something was said about them not giving up and to wait for further in the list.

• Question to address the delay of the resupply kickstarter. They needed to get caught up on the gazettes, they have high quality standards, and do not want to send out draft quality or first edition quality work. They sell their kickstarters as a shell of an idea they intend to fill. It sometimes takes longer to fill?

• Question do they work for DPG full time? Do they do this 100%? Yes it is 150% of their work.

• Question about seeing the factory that all this is built in. Yes Yann has viewed the factory and it’s a great factory.

• Anything in development after the 1950’s. Yes they want to do Vietnam and rework the game mechanics. But the priority is the current stuff.

• Someone want to know if they wanted to go to Strasburg to meet some women there?

• Compendium is coming 2017.

• *** Redacted ***

• Pacific Theater? Yes after they go and do the Eastern front. They are also interested in Desert.

• Heroes of Stalingrad projected for 2017.

• Question about the usefulness of a 6 unit recon squad with only a single order. Answer was to support them with additional officers. They felt it was a reasonable unit and balanced.

• Something about redoing multiplayer 3,6,8, and 10?

• Hour of Brave? Done just need to finish the PDF?

• Website question. They are in the middle of big update and show a diagram. Then some yells to hide it as it has things we aren’t supposed to see? For real or drama I do not know.

• Will they do some sort of leaderboard or stats or endorse the best 2 play scenarios. They say NO they are a small team and leave this to the community.

• Their team is 6 people with 3 dedicated to balance and scenarios? 1 was the illustrator Alex. The other 2 I didn’t catch.

• How many projects on the go? 5; HoN, SoN, Card Game HoN, Karnage, and kickstarter Age of Towers.

• They may have to split the team in future to handle different streams of products but not yet?

• Question is Kickstarter a good way to run a business? Yes; its better to sell through kickstarters than stores in some ways. But there is an important relationship with stores. They need them and the stores need DPG.

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [30/11/2016] à 23:31

Gazette #8 was said to be about 21. Panzer Division not SAS. That is why I have bought it. Also, SAS is in upcomming Desert Wrath and with Kiffer Commando we will have some British Special Forces. I would like to see more Germans 😉

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [01/12/2016] à 10:28

Did I ubderstand correctly that the middle ages era is no longer the next planned heroes system KS, but russian front will be?

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [01/12/2016] à 16:56

My best answer is I don`t know. At the end of Grade 5 it was kinda of a "I won`t fail you if you don`t come back" kind of experience with french class. So my french is weak and I had a really hard time working through the video with help. If I where to take an educated guess on what I was understanding it would look like this. They have 5 current project streams

HoN: Resupply

SoN: Resupply (same as above but I think they counted it)


HoN Card Game

Age of Towers

I think what we could see next…

*Age of Towers Early-Mid 2017 Kickstarter

*Heroes of Stalingrad Late 2017 Kickstarter

*Middle Ages or Vietnam or Other 2018 ** MAYBE **

Forgive me but this is just conjecture here and how I personally look at DPG product lines and is obviously bias.

1st Line: Heroes of Normandie + Shadows over Normandie + Heroes of Normandie Card Game. Basically the bread and butter of the company. They want want to slowly and carefully develop this line in tandem with other lines but not too quickly such that it snuffs out when everyone has so much of everything. If they did a kickstarter of Eastern Front AND Pacific by launching two new factions I think that would be hugely successful but future sales would suffer as everyone would have lots of everything. Thus they will do Heroes of Stalingrad then if pacific a year or two later.

2nd Line: The growth line. If they want to be known as a legendary publisher they need more hits. Here is where they do their gambling on games like Karnage and Age of Towers. More mainstream style board games fishing for a big hit. Something like what Mice and Mystics or Dead of Winter did for Plaid Hat Games while they where slowly and carefully continuing to develop their bread and butter Summoner Wars.

3rd Line: This is where I feel by looking at their eyes and expressions where they want to be in the future (Yann and Clem). This line is would have a board game system for each historical period similar to but perhaps not interchangeable with Heroes of Normandie. This is where you have Middle Ages and Ancient Times and Vietnam (maybe even Napoleonics :-)! You could have all of them on the shelf and just play whatever your friend wanted to play. Such a cool idea and I totally believe they are capable of getting there. However I think they believe that the road to fully developing the 3rd line depends on how well they have success with the first two.

I think the 1st one is really something special and will pan out great for them. I wish them success with the second line but I too am excited for the third line. I think kickstarter works really well for them. It is a hope of mine with this limited information that they develop Heroes of Normandie then take a run at their best system they have devised for the 3rd line and run it before the Pacific in future years.

I would like to see what they can do in other periods. I think you could have Napoleonic cavalry that flip over when they charge to increase move and damage. I think that you could have your artillery pieces fire on a unit then if they don`t destroy it they can flip over to a more powerful side to simulate dialing in the guns. Then when they destroy a unit they have to flip back to the initial side. You could also correctly demonstrate the difference between British Light Infantry with their Baker Rifles and having range over the standard muskets. You could have the French Old Guard that are difficult to remove. You could have Officers and Militia Units. It could be everything I wished Commands and Colors was for me. It could be every bit as awesome as HoN. There are so many army boxes too… Prussians, Austrians, British, French, Russian, and more. This system could even get its own offshoot like SoN but for the American War of Independence!

I have so many hopes for DPG`s. If I was a multi-millionaire I would invest in DPG and be the coffee man dropping off coffee in the morning and see what could be done to help. It would be awesome but I dream too much! Perhaps I will buy a lotto ticket tonight 🙂

The Pig speak to the Pig posté le [01/12/2016] à 18:35

"Someone want to know if they wanted to go to Strasburg to meet some women there?"

Actually someone wanted to know if they would go to Strasbourg to meet the fans.

That's "rencontrer les fans" not "rencontrer les femmes" (women)

This would take place at Philibert, a large game store in that city.

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