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[Carentan] Scenario #1 bugged?
Carentan #1 bugged? posté le [28/12/2016] à 09:44

Hi guys and galls,

I got the carentan scenario pack for christmas and we played the first mission yesterday. When we use the recon rule, the us can win this mission by turn 2.

Theres nothing in the manual that says the us cant use the recon abiltie.

We also played a version without the recon rule and that way, the us can win on turn 3.

Side question: OP fire from a position does not work in the supply fase right? And does Clint need an order to dismantle the gate?

[Carentan] Scenario #1 bugged? posté le [22/03/2018] à 13:57

Yesterday I replayed this scenario with the US paratroopers and the correct Belgian Gate rules from the Compendium. The Germans won! Although they had some lucky die rolls and good cards it was a well balanced match.

The compendium rules about the Belgian Gate state that you cannot open the gate when there's an enemy unit near the gate or near a unit that's trying to open the gate… So, I always had a German unit behind the gate, that sat well protected by the gate itself.

Another trick that I tried was rushing to cross the river with the german officer. His movement of 4 made him reach that tactical spot near the bridge on the US side. Some nasty grenades and ammo overload did the trick and killed Clint and a BAR team.

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[Carentan] Scenario #1 bugged? posté le [22/03/2018] à 14:54

How did the german officer cross the river? Is he secretly a Deep One to be able to swim? Or is there a shallow crossing just off the picture?

Also, Don't the US Paras have any grenades in this scenario? Few grenades should get rid of that pesky gatekeeper…

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

[Carentan] Scenario #1 bugged? posté le [22/03/2018] à 15:17

Didn't you hear about that new U-boot expansion? No seriously, there's a ford on the left of the bridge, just out of the photo frame allowing the officer to quickly cross the river.

The paratroopers have rifle grenades but thanks to the obscured line of sight there's a scatter roll… The Germans were very lucky this time.

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[Carentan] Scenario #1 bugged? posté le [13/06/2018] à 11:21

Thanks for your respons! I didnt know the belgian gate rules where updated in the compendium.

I ordered st mere eglise so now have PIR to put in the carentan campaign. I'll use the correct belgian gate rules this time around 😉

[Carentan] Scenario #1 bugged? posté le [13/06/2018] à 20:11

JanHoos, take a look at the Downloads section, Clem did a revised Carentan scenario forces list using the PIR rather than the Core box US troops. Should be more fun 🙂

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[Carentan] Scenario #1 bugged? posté le [13/06/2018] à 21:08

Quote from Nostradunwhich on [13/06/2018] à 20:11

JanHoos, take a look at the Downloads section, Clem did a revised Carentan scenario forces list using the PIR rather than the Core box US troops. Should be more fun 🙂

Hi Nostradunwhich!

We just did that! I spotted the link somewhere else in this forum thanks to one of your replie's 🙂 The 101st are a fun challenge!

We also used the new belgian gate rules, but now feel its almost impossble for the us. That was mainly because of all of the cover that you get from the gate and the bridge.

Shooting directly from the front imposes a -3 for the shooter.

Shooting from the sides imposes a -5 (-2 for the bridge and -3 for the gate).

My wife used 2 of her grenades on my officer on the other side of the river 😉 But even if she used them for my german guy defending the gate, she would have needed a lot more to get rid of him, or the replacement unit I could send up there.

We had a lot of fun tho! She nearly killed my officer, I send 2 flanking Rifleman over the shallow river part. We rolled comparely well and ended up with about the same number of casualties. Fun and tense game in that aspect. Even tho she had a feeling it was almost impossible to clear the german unit.

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