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General Cards
General Cards posté le [15/01/2017] à 22:13

Hi all!

Got the game and all expansions (iron shots included!!!) this past week and had two fabulous game nights with it.

On the first session we had 3 players: orcs, dwarves and humans only using the base set.

Second session had 5 players and we rotated by all six armies…and used the iron shots!!! 😉

For the last game of this memorable night, 3 players survived and saw included the "It's So Big!" expansion and extra generals (Queen Mother Viktoria, Donk & Shot and General Delator).

Now the question: do this extra generals start in hand as the rules for Generals state or on the deck along with the red banner cards since the back of this cards has a red banner?

Cheers from Portugal


General Cards posté le [16/01/2017] à 15:07

The back of these cards is wrong about what we developed, but the card is not wrong finally. You can play them on 2 ways :

– As new general in hand (replace the previous one),


– As Unit in your Draw pile.

Have fun 😉

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General Cards posté le [16/01/2017] à 16:24

That's great!

We actually included them as extra General in hand but keeping the "old" one so every one started with two generals. It was fun…lol

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