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Scenario Pack Sainte Mère Eglise

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June 6, 1944 :The scattered units of the 82nd and 101st Airborne have taken position in the most famous village in Normandy to have been liberated by American paratroopers. Relive this battle, which John Steele was able to watch from the tall spire of the Saint-Mère-Église church, suspended from his parachute, feet dangling in the air. From the Drop Zones to the resistance at La Fière manor, lead your paratroopers to victory!


– 82nd Inf. Div. 508th inf. reg. (US Paratroopers – Rifle Squad) and its recrutement options

– 101st Inf. Div. 502nd inf. reg. (US Paratroopers – Rifle Squad) and its recrutement options

– 82nd Inf. Div. 505th inf. reg. (US Paratroopers – Weapon Squad) and its recrutement options

– Field Command (Lt Col Benjamin Hayes « Vandy » Vandervoort)

– 2 heroes (Arthur « Dutch » Schultz (US) and Reino Hamer (Allemand)

– New vehicles, equipment, character traits and orders for your paratroopers

– 3 German Beutepanzers R35 – Street lamps and Drop Zones

– 6 terrain tiles, including the church and its bell tower and La Fière manor

– Rules for night combats, street lamps, sleeping units, dominant position and large buildings, gliders, etc.

– Advanced rules for buildings destruction

– 6 scenarios campaign


Rules and scenarios are both in English and French

You must have the Heroes of Normandie base game in order to use this Scenario Pack.

Punchboards and Tiles :


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